The World Is Your Bowl

by Sunbowl

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released February 7, 2019

Rhythm Guitar/Lead Vocals - Mihir Rastogi
Lead Guitar - Larry Flatley [Tracks 1, 2, 3, 5] and Kazim Zaidi [Tracks 4 and 6]
Lead Bass - Matt Morgan
Drums - Harrison Chestnut [Track 1] Kazim Zaidi [Tracks 2 - 6]
Backing Vocals - Larry Flatley [Tracks 1, 2, 3, and 5] Kazim Zaidi [Tracks 1, 4, and 6]

Tracks [1 - 6] were recorded and mixed by Kazim Zaidi and mastered by Doug Gallo at AGL Studios.

Track 7 was recorded by Mihir Rastogi in New Brunswick, NJ.


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Sunbowl New Brunswick, New Jersey

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Track Name: Day Off
a steel lipped lighter on the floor
i play with it when I get bored
the ashes' burning core
comes pouring out
the smoke from my lungs

this past year took ten to pass
i watched the world spin on its axis
like molasses now
you're leaning in and i would say that

take it out or keep it in
what all these words
don't really mean
come creeping up like broken
daylight through my basement window

and its harder now
to figure out
won't somebody
show me what's the difference

cause i will wait for your passport love
to take me anywhere while I've been
playing this song on my day off

and at the end oh i suppose
but then again what do i know
those summer nights turned into
a train ride home and i would say that
Track Name: Alpine
No flights tonight
grounded by a nor'easter
I dug out my car
with my bare hands

This time I'm leaving on my own

They said you were changing
I wanted to see it
They said it was more than just
a changing bedpan

You don't deserve to feel alone
Track Name: Made to Last
i cleaned out my room yesterday
opened my drawers and closet space
now its been such a long time
so shit's a mess
well it never was organized
in the first place

dusting off faded photographs
of people i knew or wish i did
notebooks i filled to help myself
just lay there until brush them off

i know none of these things were made to last
so then why can't i just let them go
Track Name: Everyday
never pull your weight
a sacred stone all day

and I'm not going back

patterns pushed away
where failure has no name

and I'm not going back

cause every day
could feel this way
if you stay, if you stay

staying up so late
to put my mind in place

but I'm not saying that

those patterns pushed away
where failure has no name

I'm not going back
Track Name: Turnaround
Fluorescent bleeding through
the cracks within the screen
neon lights reflected
from the bar across the street
we go round and round the living room
keep the conversation coming
close to my reprise
it was only a matter of time
until we stop

How many weeks do I have to wait out
sitting on my hands trying not to think about it
But my mouth just keeps on moving like I'm
Reinventing lines from a late night movie

And as I come crawling down the stairs
with a headrush
you pulled me apart to draw me in
when I'm holding on to
what's been on my mind
so let it go

Now I don't remember a lot of the simplest things
like where I parked my car or where I put my keys
but I still got it burned in my mind
when you opened your eyes the first time I was right
I've been spending the few years
tearing down the walls with the same routine
It only took one touch of your hand
to realize my faults and make me a better man

I don't know what changed so quick
but I guess I shouldn't be questioning
why this morning feels so different
when the moon and the sun
still share the same space

Turnaround just a little bit
Track Name: Left Brain
i'm getting somewhere so it seems
where i'm meant to be
knowing my left brain

the street was dark and i was drunk
what i'm meant to be
i'll find my way back home

some nights get lonely some are cold
some nights get warm
some nights go on forever,
but those days are short

been saving up my breath,

so don't slow it down for me maybe
there's not much you can do
its taken me so long,
now i can't wait

i've been spacing out
far away from you now

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